Announcement: The April 2020 Wiki Mini Update

We here at Freezenet are proud to announce a big milestone in our Wiki project. We have completed the information of the first show.

Large pieces of content are continuing to be added to the site. Normally, we’d reserve the updates to end of month “patches”, but this is a milestone worth sharing.

Freezenet has just completed documenting the first radio and podcast show. This show is known as Trance Around the World. In our previous monthly patch update for March, we mentioned that we have completed 349 episodes. At the time, we documented a total of 711 hours worth of music.

This particular show contains a total of 450 episodes. Earlier today, we have completed that episode and every episode in between. This brings us to a total of 927 hours and 10 minutes worth of documented music for this one show. While it is impossible to have perfect knowledge of this particular show thanks in part to pieces of information seemingly permanently lost, what we do offer on this Wiki is arguably the most complete data sets of the show that is currently available. These pages not only contain time stamp and date information, but also label information for a vast majority of the tracks featured in the show.

As we developed the pages, we noticed that other sources have large gaps of information missing. Some only feature the first several shows and the last several shows. Other sites offer a hundred or so shows somewhere in the middle. One site, which proved extremely useful, contained time stamps of every known show, but no label information. So, what we’ve done is married all the known content about this show and provided a complete package so that you can get information quickly about the show. All of the knowledge we have obtained is, of course, properly documented and sourced. This is an expectation of a Wiki project and we are happy to adhere to this.

We did plan on doing this far ahead of time – as in, years ago. So, we had no way of anticipating global events by the time we got to this stage of website development. As the COVID-19 story continues to unfold, it seems that the completion of this data set couldn’t have come at a better time. This show features hours upon hours of uplifting and progressive music. So, for those wanting something to do while in self-isolation, this is a great resource even if you just want to turn on some music for a few hours.

Since this is a lot of episodes and a lot of hours, the question of where to start easily comes up. What we recommend is starting on episode 201 and going from there. Of course, if you are a completionist by nature, feel free to start at episode 1.

As the Wiki states, this Wiki is about music discovery. If you don’t know much about Trance, this is arguably one of the shows to start with. A big reason why we chose to start with this show is because this is the show countless Trance fans started with. Ever since, many say they have become lifelong fans of the genre because of it. So, it’s a natural place to start for us.

As for the future, we plan on adding many many more hours worth of content to the Wiki. Completing Trance Around the World is a kingly effort in and of itself and most are unable to accomplish this. For us, we are still getting warmed up and look forward to adding other shows in the future – eventually expanding into genre’s outside of Trance (and believe us, there is a LOT of genre’s out there to cover!).

We hope you enjoy the fruits of this project and look forward to producing many more in the future!

Drew Wilson on Twitter: @icecube85 and Facebook.

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