Announcement: Freezenet YouTube Channel Reaches 1,000 Views!

We here at Freezenet are thrilled to reach another milestone on our official YouTube channel. We’ve reached 1,000 views!

Back in June, we announced that the Freezenet YouTube channel reached 500 views. It was an exciting moment because it was a big milestone to reach.

Of course, since then, we preemptively launched our vlog. The launching was in response to the dire situation going on with the Bill C-11 as opposed to the usual smooth transitional upgrades we bring to our operations.

Well, now we can proudly say that we have reached 1,000 views (this will be reflected on the official YouTube page at a later time, this is relying on internal statistics). It’s a really cool milestone to make considering how few resources I’ve been operating with. What’s more is that I’ve got some exciting stuff coming down the pipeline. A new addition will be coming to the YouTube channel in January that could address one of the only complaints I’ve received about the channel. So, something to look forward to.

Anyway, a big thank you to you for checking out our video’s and subscribing. It means the world to me especially at a time when it feels like everything I worked for is being mercilessly torched by the Federal Canadian government and is in the process of being burned down to the ground. I know this is not millions of views or subscriber, but I am grateful for every little bit of help you send my way. So, thank you!

Drew Wilson on Twitter: @icecube85 and Facebook.

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