Aerospace Industries Association Condemns Trumps NDAA Veto

The Aerospace Industries Association has condemned Trump vetoing the NDAA. They say it undermines national security when you defund the military.

Earlier this week, Donald “330,000 Dead Americans” Trump vetoed the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) because it didn’t contain provisions that would kill Section 230. This after lawmakers said that the NDAA is no place to discuss Internet related issues – while hypocrically inserting the CASE Act and felony streaming provisions into the act as well.

The veto that defunded the military puts the NDAA back into Congresses court. Congress, for its part, needs to obtain a “super majority” vote for the legislation. That would override Trump’s veto. As you can imagine, this will require Republican’s to vote for the legislation. This puts them in the position of having to choose between supporting the military and inflating Trumps ego. A situation that Republican’s only have themselves to blame for being in.

Now, members of the military industry are speaking out and putting pressure on Congress to pass the NDAA. It seems that defunding the military might put national security at risk for some odd reason. The Aerospace Industries Association specifically is calling on Congress to override the veto. From Breaking Defense:

For 59 years in a row Congress has passed and presidents have signed the National Defense Authorization Act. Today President Donald Trump vetoed the bill that authorizes spending for the military which includes raises for troops at home and serving overseas.

The powerful Aerospace Industries Association, the single largest advocate for the defense industry, was unequivocal in its reaction to the veto:

“There is no more essential duty for the American government than to ensure the safety and security of its people. The President’s veto undermines our national security preparedness and jeopardizes the jobs of Americans who make up our defense industrial base at a time when the country is in crisis. It is also a letdown for our troops and their families, both of who selflessly continue to serve our country. We urge Congress to prioritize national security and override this veto,” said a statement by AIA President & CEO Eric Fanning.

The top Democrats on the Senate and House Armed Services Committees issued a sharply worded critiques of the president’s action.

Rep. Adam Smith, HASC chairman, said the president “has made it clear that does not care about the needs of our military personnel and their families,” adding, “while the President may not care about our service members and their families, Congress still places an immense value on their service and sacrifice.”

Ranking SASC chairman Sen. Jack Reed said:

“This veto seems to be Trump’s parting gift to Putin and a lump of coal for our troops. This bill is critically important to our national defense and the quality of life for Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Airmen. Not only is President Trump denying troops in the field hazard pay, he is also refusing to provide critical help for their families including health care and other support.

So, apparently, some people are slightly pissed off that the military got defunded. Who would’ve thought there would be a reaction like that in the US?

At any rate, this is definitely the latest sign that 2020 is well and truly a topsy turvy year. We are now seeing that military related news is affecting digital rights news. It’s not that there are very many ways that any of this positive. After all, American’s are seeing the possible choice of saving Section 230 to get the CASE Act and felony streaming laws, or scrapping Section 230 and avoiding the installation of a copyright court that is legally questionable in the first place. Basically, a lose-lose situation. Yet, here we are seeing this unfold right now.

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