A Look At 2013 and Moving on to 2014

By Drew Wilson

Freezenet has celebrated our first new years. As we turn the page to 2014, we offer some thoughts on what the year was and what the new year might bring.

We have bid farewell to 2013, the year freezenet.ca came into existence. As we move forward into the new year, it is worth reflecting on the accomplishments of this site. Although these accomplishments may be humble and not flashy like your standard big name website, they are certainly accomplishments we are proud of.

2013 is the year Freezenet started. If you’ve never started a website, it’s difficult to appreciate the amount of work that goes in to doing the behind the scenes work in not only starting a site up, but also doing the necessary work to maintain it. Still, we are pushing through this and still getting a good website up and running.

We started with pushing out interesting news content which was featured on various social news websites. While those are good accomplishments in and of themselves, we wanted more. So, towards the end of the year, we started building features that we think may be interesting to you. While we are just getting started with these features (like guides and reviews, we hope that 2014 will see an expansion of features.

We also hope to return to our staple regular news sometime this year as these features gain interest. Yes, a one person crew means that these things won’t happen over night, but rest assured, these things will be worked on.

Here’s to a prosperous 2014!

Drew Wilson on Twitter: @icecube85

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