98 BitTorrent Users Sued Over The Company You Keep Movie

A company working on behalf of Voltage Pictures has recently litigated more alleged copyright infringers. This time, the movie they are suing fans over is the film “The Company You Keep”.

Voltage Pictures, a company some consider either a copyright troll or a company that uses copyright trolls, is suing 98 alleged copyright infringers in the US.

Voltage Pictures made waves in Canada back in 2013 for sending thousands of demand letters to Canadians (innocent or not) in an effort to bring the US style lawsuit campaigns to Canada.

According to court documents obtained by Freezenet, the movie in question that they are suing random individuals is “The Company You Keep”.

According to Wikipedia, the movie made $14.5 million worldwide. Freezenet was unable to find out what the movie budget was.

The film has an audience score of 45% on Rotten Tomatoes. IMDB, meanwhile, has given the movie a 6.4/10. Metacritic also has a rating of 57% for the movie.

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