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Australian Goverment Mulls Allowing Authorities to Hack Your Computer

There’s some rather scary news coming from Australia right now. The Australian government is considering sweeping new surveillance powers which includes the surveillance of social networking sites and data retention. While that isn’t exactly novel, buried in the proposal is a provision that would allow police to hack your computer for the purposes of gathering […]

Claim: Encrypted Chat Developer Detained, Interrogated at US Border

A developer for encrypted chat application “Cryptocat” has recently claimed that he was detained and interrogated at the US border. Apparently, border guards took his passport and interrogated him about the application, demanding to know “which algorithms Cryptocat used and about its censorship resistance.”

UK PM Wants to “Stop People from Communicating” on Social Media

The riots in Britain has certainly been a story major media outlets around the world have been following closely, but recent comments by British Prime Minister David Cameron on the riots have certainly raised a few eyebrows recently. Some people are saying that the comments insinuate that the Prime Minister wants to, in essence, censor […]