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Australian Government Mulling Internet Censorship to Slow File-Sharing

Australia is currently in the process of putting together a proposed copyright reform law aimed at slowing file-sharing. While the good news is that the proposal would merely seek to slow the connection speeds of alleged file-sharers, the bad news is that the government is wanting to resort to Internet censorship by blocking alleged file-sharing […]

La Quadrature Du Net – Let’s Build Better Copyright Laws

After what many call as the death blow to Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) thanks to an overwhelming rejection in the European Parliament, some might call the battle for balanced copyright over for now. La Quadrature Du Net, however, argues that this is a great time to build more acceptable copyright laws.

PROTECT IP Would Destabilize Internet Security, Consultants Warn

We’ve already heard from law professors who disapprove of the PROTECT IP act, now security experts are also lining up to oppose the PROTECT IP act for the simple reasons that it would destabilize the internet and harm cyber security efforts.

Scrutiny Over 1.5 Million US Job Losses Due to Net Neutrality Mounts

While the European Union is dealing with a filtering debate that appears to be a threat to the internet as we know it, the internet as we know it isn’t exactly safe in the US either with the heated network neutrality debate at the FCC.