Review: Psy’Aviah – Our Common End (EBM)

This review covers the EBM track Psy’Aviah – Our Common End.

This track was released in 2014 on the album The Xenogamous Endeavour.

One thing of definite note is that this is much more slower paced track in terms of BPM (Beats Per Minute). Not sure what it clocks at, but it’s definitely slower paced track. In the process, it almost has a downtempo quality to it, though it definitely isn’t ambient. It has too many elements with a larger presence to be considered ambient in my books.

The overall mood this track projects is definitely depressing. This is projected through the lyrics which covers the themes of mortality. As you can imagine, vocals play a major role in this track. The vocals, I thought, were very well done. There was even what sounds like some kind of ethnic vocal sample in the background. Even though this was shuffled off into the background and plays a small part in this track, I thought it was a brilliant idea to add this in this track as it really boosts the emotion.

Another great aspect of this track was the overall flow. I thought every element flowed in and out fantastically. Every element just seemed to have its place in this track and just belonged there.

The small melodies that were added a nice dimension to this track. It worked well with the overall emotion carried throughout the track.

Overall, I thought this track was great. If you want to play something that is depressing, this is definitely a recommended track as far as I’m concerned. A nicely produced track.


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