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EU, US, and UK Want to Decrypt All Communications

There’s been numerous developments recently over the battle for privacy. UK Prime Minister David Cameron said that all encrypted communications must either have a government backdoor or banned. The US President, Barack Obama, agreed saying that governments shouldn’t be impeded by encryption. Newly leaked documents suggest that EU officials are also on board.


Rep. Peter King: Prosecute Reporters Who Publish Leaked Information

By Drew Wilson There’s been a lot of developments since our previous report on the NSA PRISM leak. This includes how government officials have been put on the defence with respect to the program and the calls for reporters who report on these leaks to be criminally prosecuted. Question: When someone walks up to you […]


NSA PRISM Program Rocks The American Privacy Landscape

The media has been buzzing with the latest leak of the American spying program known as PRISM. Numerous companies were reportedly compliant in handing over personal information to the US government. We sift through the flurry that has occurred over the weekend. For privacy observers and advocates, things haven’t been this eventful in the US […]


US Government to Reintroduce CISPA

By Drew Wilson Reports are surfacing that the controversial Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) is going to be re-introduced next week. The last iteration was delayed partly due to the widespread opposition. Slashdot is pointing to an article on The Hill which says that the controversial bill would be re-introduced and unchanged from […]


Canadian Industry Groups Want to Legalize Spyware?

By Drew Wilson A recent submission made by a number of corporate organizations in the Canadian anti-spam initiative is raising alarm bells. The groups are demanding that certain kinds of software (like spyware) be exempt from provisions of the anti-spam law that could theoretically be used for the purposes of anti-piracy operations on the personal […]