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Website ‘You’ve Been Owned’ Launches to Defend First-Sale Doctrine

One of the stories we’ve posted that has received a lot of attention was our article entitled “Could Selling Your Computer One Day Be a Criminal Offense?” It revolves around a court case that could make the selling of foreign manufactured products copyright infringement. With the Trans-Pacific Partnership, one could make the connection that this […]

German Pirate Party to Win Several Seats in Germany!

The Swedish Pirate Party winning one seat in the European Parliament was a major milestone for the party on the world stage. It inspired several people in different countries to form their own Pirate Party in different countries around the world. So, one can only imagine what it means for the international movement on word […]

We Don’t Need a Canadian Pirate Party – Green Party Leader

There was an interesting interview with Green Party Elizabeth May about Canada forming its own Pirate Party. Right off the bat, she concluded that Canada doesn’t need a Pirate Party because Canada has the Green Party. Before you think that this is an attack on digital rights, she explains that Canada needs a 12 year […]