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News regarding censorship.

Russian Orthodox Activists Want ISPs to Block Facebook

Just days after Russia passed an Internet blacklist law, a religious group is now trying to block social networking site Facebook. The reason? The apparent new status for same sex marriages. The Russian Orthodox activists gave the site an ultimatum to stop “flirting with sodomites” and remove all content promoting homosexuality, but after Facebook refused […]

Copyright Lobby Demands Canada Implement SOPA, ACTA and More

Canadians have fought long and hard (since at least 2005) to keep major foreign corporations from imposing copyright policies that are contrary to the betterment of the country. Now, foreign influences are once again trying to alter Canadian copyright laws that are formed to their interests once again.

China and US Exchange Shots Over Internet Human Rights

The United States has recently issued a report slamming China for an abysmal human rights record. Meanwhile, China hit back at the United States with a report of their own slamming the United States for an abysmal human rights record. We did some digging and found both reports so you can read both of them […]

Google Releases Transparency Report of Takedown Requests

Google is offering a rather insightful look of what is being requested to be taken down. Many were copyright related, but some were requests from governments all around the world. That includes the American, Canadian and British government. We take a look through the report.