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IIPA Wants Italy on Piracy Watchlist for Having Privacy Laws

By Drew Wilson We’ve been covering the different countries the IIPA (International Intellectual Property Alliance) wants on their piracy watchlist. So far, the submissions were either demanding everything and the kitchen sink, had a host of problems in their logic or both. The submission about Italy is no exception to this. We explore why. The […]

IIPA Wants Mexico on Watchlist Even After it Signed ACTA

By Drew Wilson We’ve been covering the various countries that the IIPA (International Intellectual Property Association) wants to see on the Special 301 report. A surprising request is that Mexico be included on that list. It’s not what was included in the submission that is the most surprising, but what isn’t. Last year, to the […]

IIPA Wants Egypt on Piracy Watchlist for Not Being Stable Enough

By Drew Wilson There are a number of countries the International Intellectual Property Alliance wants on the US Special 301 priority watchlist. The watchlist is put together by American corporations and published on a government website after. We’ve been covering the reasons why other countries are being requested to put on the watchlist and, today, […]

IIPA Wants Greece on Piracy Watchlist for Not Blocking Websites Fast Enough

By Drew Wilson We’ve been covering what the International Intellectual Property Alliance (IIPA) has been recommending for the Special 301 watchlist. While the 301 Watchlist isn’t really a credible source for reliable information, major corporate entities tend to lobby targeted governments demanding certain laws be implemented no matter how poorly conceived they really are. This […]

IIPA Wants Spain on Piracy Watchlist for Not Rubberstamping Takedown Requests

By Drew Wilson In 2011, Spain passed a controversial anti-piracy law dubbed the “Sinde Law”. The law set up an administrative body that is responsible for taking complaints about websites and decide whether or not to shut them down. After massive protests against the law, it passed thanks partly due to US pressure. Fastforward to […]

Opinion: John Manley’s 5 Points for CETA Don’t Add Up

By Drew Wilson John Manley, chief executive of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives, recently wrote an opinion piece in which he offers five points on why everyone should be supportive of CETA (Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement). Drew Wilson responds with his own rebuttal to the piece. While I was getting swamped by the […]

CETA Debated in House of Commons for a Second Day

By Drew Wilson The debate over the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) has been heating up lately. Earlier this week, the agreement made its way onto the floor in the Canadian House of Commons. The next day, there were more questions being asked in Parliament. One of the notable patterns we noticed in the […]